Inherent Naturalness Weekend Retreat

An In-depth Process for Human Thriving



15-17 March 2019

A weekend immersion in the mountains exploring the science of happiness, the wisdom of ancient traditions and the art of thriving being your natural self!

What if you could live with greater ease, happiness and freedom?

You Can!

What if there is an art and science to human thriving and a process for positive change that involves the perfect mix of:



Ancient Wisdom

Therapeutic Processes

& Nourishing Experiences

There is!

The Inherent Naturalness

Process For Thriving


happiness and joy in daily life



  • Be more present, relaxed and joyful.

  • Bring the science of happiness to your life

  • Gain clarity on what makes human beings thrive.

  • Develop mindfulness and other qualities conducive to happiness, resilience and peace 


 on freedom, creativity and authenticity


  • Tap into abundant source of natural energy

  • Learn empowering and practical ways to tackle life's challenges.

  • Unleash your creativity.

  • Tap into your natural qualities to grow in your projects and prosper.


struggles into growth, clarity and strength!

  • Understand emotions and how to work wisely with them.

  • Transform limiting beliefs and states of mind

  • Learn scientifically proven ways to reduce stress, anxiety and low mood.

  • Use the power of compassion to transform your emotions, situations and relationships.


with your yourself, others and purpose 


  • Connect with others in simplicity, kindness and common humanity.

  • Join the New Paradigm in human consciousness 

  • Explore ways to embrace your gifts and contribute to a more humane and beautiful collective existence


your connection with life

  • Appreciate the beauty and miracle of life 

  • Rest deeply and learn to surrender to nature

  • Discover the truth of interconnectedness and oneness 

  • Understand the essence of wisdom traditions


This retreat is for those who wish to deepen their understanding of life, themselves and thrive being their true self. It is also for those who are seriously interested in reclaiming their freedom and being an authentic human being on an ever-expanding path of flourishing, true happiness and joy.


The content, experiences and processes involved in the weekend are based on a effective therapeutic framework and process for human flourishing called Inherent Naturalness. Inherent Naturalness is a wise synthesis of:


  1. The applied science of happiness

  2. The wisdom of yoga and other ancient traditions

  3. Mindful awareness, gratitude, and compassion training

  4. The psychology of healing, human needs and thriving

  5. The human virtues in action

  6. Current findings on neuroplasticity and positive change

  7. The new era in human consciousness

All of which will be explored in a relevant, down to earth, supportive and natural way.


Participants will immerse themselves in a journey into the 5 transformative domains of the Inherent Naturalness Process which facilitate healing of the psyche, refining of consciousness towards a wise and rich experience of life, and living in a state of vitality, empowerment, connectedness and joy.

The whole experience is crafted so people have deep insight into themselves and life and are left with a clear direction for life and empowering tools for daily living. 

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The Process

Go through the IN Process and Thrive Being your Natural Self! Book Now!

From Human Struggle to Human Thriving

The Facilitator

Gustavo Sé Cestari will be the main facilitator for the retreat. Gustavo has:


  • Three degrees in Psychology

  • 500hrs of Yoga Teacher Training (India & Guatemala)

  • Is a qualified and experienced mindfulness educator, having taught mindfulness meditation to more than 1,000 individuals and various organisations

  • Undertaken a wide range of professional development courses in the area of mental health and human potential over 17 years

  • Is the founder of AMAR Centre for Mindfulness & Human Thriving, the Inherent Naturalness Process for Thriving, For the Love of Humanity Project and Conscious Oneness.

  • Is currently writing a book on Human Thriving to be published in 2019

  • Has been featured on the Mindfulness Summit, an international online event broadcasted to more than 250,000 people worldwide.

  • Is an Associate of Openground Mindfulness Training, a facilitator for Mindfulness Works, Mind With Heart Australia and The Byron Bay Meditation Collective.

  • Is a psychotherapist in private practice on the Gold Coast

  • Manages ANANDA Rainforest Retreat in Currumbin Valley

  • Is a loving father of 3 children

  • Lives a free and authentic life immersed in nature, love and purpose.

  • Absolutely loves seeing people happy thriving being themselves.

What You Will Experience

  • All of the above insightful and transformative experiences plus:

  • Early morning  yoga sessions overlooking the mountains

  • Guided mindfulness meditations 

  • Moments of deep rest and simply being in the mountains

  • An exploration of what truly makes you happy

  • An effective and transformative process for Human Thriving based on cutting-edge science, psychology and ancient wisdom.

  • A warm and supportive space of kindness and connection 

  • A weekend of insight, nourishing experiences and deep reflection.

  • A mind-blowing vegetarian culinary experience

  • A mindful walk in the lush rainforest of ANANDA

  • A deeply relaxing and energizing sound healing experience

  • A mindful art and creativity session

  • Reclaiming your freedom and authenticity

  • Tapping into the intelligence of your heart and your intuition

  • A connection to the deep and meaningful aspects of yourself

  • A way of relating to life that leads to freedom and thriving being your natural self

The Venue

ANANDA is a secluded haven located within the lush rainforest of the Currumbin Valley. ANANDA is Sanskrit for bliss. There is something quite mystical and powerful about this place. People immediately feel elevated by the beauty and power of this natural site. The scenery of the mountains and vibrancy of the exquisite flora is the perfect place for deep transformation.


15-17 March 2019

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Retreat without Accommodation

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Rainforest Treehouse

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