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The Inherent Naturalness Process

What if you could live with greater clarity and happiness

and thrive being your natural self?

You Can!

What if there is an art and science to human thriving

and a process for positive change that involves the perfect mix of:



Ancient Wisdom

Therapeutic Processes

& Nourishing Experiences

There is!

The Inherent Naturalness

Process For Thriving

The Inherent Naturalness Process is a comprehensive and effective process

for human flourishing that assists you in living with

greater ease, happiness and freedom. It is:

Clear  - Universal - Therapeutic  - Transformative Comprehensive  & Empowering

Inherent Naturalness Process

Weekend Retreat-Workshop 

May 4-6

June 15-17

What you will learn & experience in the retreat


happiness and joy in daily life.


You will learn:


  • Simple and practical ways to be more joyful, relaxed and happy in daily life.

  • What truly leads to human thriving, vitality and happiness.

  • What is mindfulness and how it can facilitate healing, growth and peace in your life.

  • The dynamics of your mind and how to work with it in a way that creates more balance, clarity and peace


struggle into growth, clarity and sense of ease!

You will learn:


  • The nature of emotions and how to work wisely with them.

  • Scientifically proven ways to reduce stress, anxiety and low mood.

  • What the real causes of struggle are and how to transform them.

  • How limiting beliefs and mental filters are formed and what to do about them


on your potential and live more freely, creatively and authentically


You will learn:


  • Tap into a natural source of energy, clarity and empowerment

  • Use you natural qualities to grow in prosperity and create the life you envision.

  • Face challenges and stress more skillfully

  • Use the intelligence of your heart and the power of Love to transform your emotions, situations and relationships.

  • The 3 Freedoms – three core processes in the human psyche that are directly related to a state of feeling 100% free

  • Unleashing your creativity 


your connection with life

  • Appreciate the beauty and the miracle of life more fully

  • See the truth of the interconnectedness and oneness of all life

  • Understand the essence of ancient wisdom traditions

  • Notice the natural currents of life flowing through your being.


with your yourself, others and life 


Your will learn:


  • The New Parading in human consciousness and how to expand and make the most of this exciting time in the history of humanity

  • The importance of connecting with one-another in simplicity, kindness and common humanity.

  • The For the Love of Humanity Project –

  • Ways to embrace your gifts and be of service to service and contribute to the shift to a more humane and beautiful collective existence

What you will experience

  • All of the above insightful and transformative experiences plus:

  • Early morning and evening yoga and meditation sessions overlooking the mountains

  • Mindfulness throughout the whole retreat

  • Moments of deep rest and simply being in the mountains

  • An exploration of what truly makes you happy

  • An effective and transformative process for Human Thriving based on cutting-edge science, psychology and ancient wisdom.

  • A warm and supportive space of kindness and connection 

  • A weekend of insight, nourishing experiences and deep reflection.

  • A mind-blowing vegetarian culinary experience by an executive chef

  • A mindful walk in the lush rainforest of ANANDA

  • A deeply relaxing and energizing sound healing experience

  • A mindful art and creativity session

  • An invitation to reclaim your freedom and be more fearless and authentic

  • Meditations and processes to tap into the intelligence of your heart and your intuition

  • A connection to the deep and meaningful aspects of yourself that have been dormant or restricted and freeing their energy

  • A way of relating to life that leads to freedom and thriving being your natural self

The Venue

ANANDA is a secluded haven located within the lush rainforest of the Currumbin Valley. ANANDA is Sanskrit for bliss. There is something quite mystical and powerful about this place. People immediately feel elevated by the beauty and power of this natural site. The scenery of the mountains and vibrancy of the exquisite flora is the perfect place for deep transformation.

Rainforest Cottage
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Queen Bedroom
Master Bedroom 2
Master Bedroom Architect House

April Special

Sign up now for the workshop-retreat and receive:

  1. A free gift voucher for a separate 6hr Day Retreat in Nature that you can treat yourself with later or give as a gift to a loved one (worth $149).

  2. A free One-on-one Skype call with Gustavo post the retreat to integrate your experience into your daily life (worth $150).

  3. A 20% Discount Gift Voucher on accommodation at the Exotic ANANDA Rainforest Treehouse (worth $100).

  4. A free Acupressure/Tui Na Massage (30min) during the retreat (worth $50).

$450 worth of FREE extras

if booked by the 31st of April.


Inherent Naturalness Weekend Retreat/workshop        4-6 May  

Inherent Naturalness Weekend Retreat/workshop     15-17 June

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Rainforest Treehouse

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