A 6 six-course to help you grow inner resources of mindfulness and compassion and develop greater mastery in the face challenges.


Understand mindfulness and how you can calm your mind and live with greater peace and presence.

In this session you will:

- Gain understand the nature of the mind
- Start a regular mindfulness meditation practice
- Learn of how mindfulness can transform your life
- Learn the foundations of human thriving
- Gain an understanding of how to align yourself with Nature’s Way
- Get clear on what you want to transform in yourself and what abilities/qualities you want to cultivate
- Learn powerful tools to cultivate awareness in daily life

Session 2. EXPAND YOUR HEART (19/02)

Tapping into the power of love & compassion to transform your life.

In this session you will:

- Tap into the power of love to transform your life
- Learn how to relate to yourself with kindness and compassion
- Learn and experience a loving-kindness meditation
- Cultivate a reservoir of goodness in your heart
- Learn how to use the intelligence of your heart to shift your state and overcome challenging situations.
- Ground yourself on love and commit to living life from your heart.
- Learn powerful tools to apply in daily life!

Session 3. INNER PATTERNS (26/2)

Understand your limiting patterns and how to free yourself from them.

In this session you will:

- Gain a deeper understanding of the human condition
- Gain insight into why you struggle and experience “negative feelings” and what to do about them.
- Develop insight into your limiting inner patterns and learn to work with them with awareness and wisdom.
- Open to the value and power of truth and vulnerability in healing, growth and connection.
- Experience a mindfulness & self-compassion meditation
- Explore compassion as a way of living.
- Learn powerful tools to apply in daily life!


Transcend your limits and thrive on your natural qualities.

In this session you will:

-Experience a mindfulness meditation
- Identify your natural strengths and expand on them
- Learn how to tap into your strengths to you achieve your goals
- Understand the human virtues and their true power
- Honour yourself and your positive qualities
- Learn powerful tools to connect with your strengths in daily life.

Session 5. ABUNDANT ENERGY (11/02)

Learn to catalyse energy in daily life and support your body to flourish.

In this session you will:

​​- Gain knowledge on how to have abundant energy in daily life
- Learn to look after your body so it exists in vibrant health
- Learn to monitor your levels of energy
- Develop a routine that supports your happiness and thriving
- Practice a mindfulness meditation
- Learn powerful tools to catalase your energy

Session 6. SELF-MASTERY (18/02)

Cultivate emotional intelligence and learn tools to navigate your emotions and challenges wisely.

In this session you will:

- Learn to cultivate self-awareness in daily life and to respond to challenging situations with greater wisdom and intention
- Be more aware of draining emotions and learn to deal with them mindfully
- Learn tools to help soothe and regulate distressing mental and emotional states
- Learn to use self-enquire to deepen self-awareness and self-mastery.
- Cultivate the Wise Self within.
- Practice mindfulness and a yoga nidra meditation
- Learn powerful tools to foster self-mastery

A transformative course to help you be more present, calm, resilient, joyful and free.

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