Living with Awareness, Compassion & Mastery

6-week Course 

A transformational course to help you be present, clear and empowered in daily life.
"Joy and peace arise naturally
in a present mind, a loving heart
 and a life lived on truth"
Join Gustavo Sé as he takes you through a rich curriculum of self-awareness and self-mastery practices to transform yourself and live with greater confidence, calmness and freedom.



  • Meditate daily and be supported to have a regular meditation practice

  • Relate to yourself and others with love and compassion 

  • Uncover the power of your natural strengths and virtues

  • Learn to regulate your emotions and shift limiting states of mind

  • Gain insight into your limiting patterns and learn how to work with them wisely

  • Uncover your Inner Filters (based on core human needs) and learn to overcome them 

  • Cultivate the 12 Qualities of the Thriving Human 

  • Create a daily routine that help you have more energy and be at your best

  • Create an insightful Map of the Self and use it to expand in self-mastery

  • Have a set of awareness tools that help you regulate your state and assist you in actualising your potential

  • Enjoy 6 weeks of mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment, growth, and connection in a compassionate, peaceful and transformative environment.


We long to be the best version of ourselves and achieve our dreams, 

 yet draining emotions, limiting beliefs and old habits can limit our potential and make us feel anxious and self-doubtful.



Have you noticed that negative emotions and self-doubt can arise suddenly and drain our energy, focus and motivation?  Most people have difficulty in dealing with challenging emotions and limiting mind states and have a hard time processing and letting them go, which negatively impacts their happiness and productivity.


In this course you will dive deep into developing self-awareness and self-mastery through meditation, mindfulness and a range of exercises that will equip you with the right tools and skills to regain emotional balance, overcome inner challenges and be at your very best.



Life can be full-on busy and crazy right? Job pressures, mounting bills, relationship struggles, health challenges, crazy pandemics taking over the world, and the list goes on. With all that it is ease to feel overwhelmed and not have enough discipline or time for self-care and personal growth practices.


In this course you will receive support and guidance to grow inner resources and develop greater resilience and wisdom in the face of life’s challenges. The sessions are carefully crafted with tried-and-true practices, grounded knowledge and effective tools that enable you to feel more empowered in responding to your challenges. 


With life's many challenges and the  fast pace of modern life we can end up feeling disconnected from our true self and feel disheartened that we are not actualising our potential, achieving our dreams and sharing our gifts with the world.


In this course we will explore the true beauty of living in alignment with our deepest longings and essence, and the power of living and expressing our natural strengths. We will explore the natural design for human thriving and how you can live with greater energy, clarity and prosperity by being your natural self.  


Grow inner strength, clarity and wisdom by going though the INNATE THRIVING PROCESS. 

This course is fundamental part of the INNATE THRIVING PROCESS. INNATE THRIVING is an innovative and comprehensive pathway for transformation that takes people from a state of struggle to a state of thriving. It is based on the Natural Laws of Human Nature and on various fields of knowledge and wisdom including: psychology, yoga, neuroscience, schema therapy, mindfulness meditation, compassion training, trauma healing, human virtues and some contemplative practices .


The INNER NATURE PROCESS was carefully designed to help you transform your struggles and be more relaxed, empowered, joyful and free. Through experiential processes, reflections and meditations you will immerse yourself in the core aspects of human thriving including:



Understand the nature of the mind and train your mind to be present, calm and clear.
Learn mindfulness meditation and how to bring the principles of meditation to daily living.


Identify, honour and expand on your natural qualities.
Learn to tap into the human virtues to live with greater energy, ease and strength.  

Tap into the power of love & compassion to transform your life.
Cultivate self-acceptance, self-love, see life through the eyes of love and tap into heart coherence and intelligence.


Learn to monitor your energy levels and catalyse energy in your body and mind.
Create a thriving routine and face the day with greater vitality and clarity.
Understand human nature and the deeper causes of your emotions.
Gain insight into your limiting inner patterns, learn to regulate draining emotions, and develop emotional balance. 


We then integrate a range of awareness tools and practices learned over course and apply them in daily life to grow self-mastery.
Learn to be mindful of your state and use practical tools to regain presence, self-regulate, reconnect and respond wisely to challenges.



At the end of this course you have the option of undertaking the INNER NATURE PROCESS Part 2 course, Living with Connection, Wisdom and Purpose, which usually starts 2 weeks after and covers the following topics:

  1. Relationships - Relating with love and awareness

  2. Consciousness - Tapping into ancient wisdom and the interconnectedness of all life.

  3. Freedom - Be the author of your life and create freely

  4. Purpose - Live with purpose and use your gifts for the greater good. 


Gustavo Sé Cestari

> Founder of AMAR Centre for Mindfulness and Human Thriving and author of the Inner Nature Process.

> Taught mindfulness meditation to over 3,000 people in 170 retreats and numerous courses and workshops over the past 8 years.

> 20 year meditation practice

> Master degree in psychology, yoga instructor (500Hrs), accredited and experienced mindfulness meditation instructor,  hypnotherapist, and various trainings in a variety of therapeutic modalities.

> Has a genuine, kind and engaging approach to teaching and lives a free and authentic life immersed in nature.

An in-depth program based on an unique mix of knowledge

and practices from various fields including:

Positive Psychology
Science & Neuroplasticity
The Psychology of Healing



AUGUST 18th,  2021
Wednesdays nights 6:30pm-8:45pm
Investment: $470

Freedom Float Centre

Shop 5, 105 West Burleigh Road, Burleigh Heads

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Mindfulness - Self-awareness - Compassion - Love - Virtues
Emotional Maturity - Self-mastery - Vitality - Playfulness - Creativity
Purpose - Connectedness - Sovereignty - Wholeness


Cultivate the Qualities of a Thriving Human


This program is for you if you want to...


  • Be less anxious and stressed

  • Have abundant energy and health

  • Meditate daily

  • Create a routine that helps you thrive

  • Cultivate mindfulness and love.

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs and negative life patterns

  • Develop a positive and compassionate relationship with yourself

  • Create more peace and balance in your inner world

  • Be more authentic and joyful

  • Have a set of awareness tools to face challenges with resilience and wisdom

"Take charge of your life and live with more awareness, intention and freedom"
Gustavo Sé Cestari
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Thrive Being Your Natural Self

   Innate Thriving     

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