Welcome to Inherent Naturalness!

What if you could live with a greater sense of ease,

clarity and happiness?

What if you could  thrive in your life and your projects 

being your natural self?

You Can!

What if there is an art and science to human thriving and a

process for positive change that involves the perfect mix of:


Ancient Wisdom

Therapeutic Processes

& Nourishing Experiences

There is!

The Inherent Naturalness Process for Thriving!

The Inherent Naturalness Process is a comprehensive and effective process for human flourishing that assists you in living with

greater ease, happiness and freedom.

It is:

Clear  - Universal - Backed by Science - Therapeutic 

Experiential - Transformative - Comprehensive  

Nourishing & Empowering


Reduce anxiety and stress and low mood with evidence-based courses 


Develop wisdom and deepen your relationship with yourself and life in transformative mindfulness retreat


Bring mindfulness to the workplace with organisational workshops and programs

Skype Sessions

Take one-on-one in persons or Skype Mindfulness Training Sessions

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Why AMAR Mindfulness Training?

Expertise - Experience - Credibility - Passion

By Gustavo Se Cestari

​AMAR Mindfulness services are delivered by Gustavo Se Cestari, a qualified mindfulness practitioner with:

  • 19 years of meditation practice

  • 3 degrees in Psychology

  • 500hrs of Yoga teacher training. 

  • trained in Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, mindfulness-based therapeutic interventions, the .b Mindfulness in Schools Programs from Oxford UK, and the Reconnected Program for Teachers Wellbeing.

Gustavo was trained in the evidence-based MBSR program with Openground Training and Consulting and:

  • is an associate of and facilitator for Openground

  • is a facilitator for Mindfulness Works, Mind with Heart Australia, and IME retreats

  • was commissioned to develop a brand new 8-week mindfulness program for teens 

  • participated in the Mindfulness Summit an international online event broadcasted for 250,000 people worldwide

  • has been teaching the evidence-based MBSR since 2012.

  • has facilitated mindfulness training for a range of organisations including:

          Roadshow Village Theme Parks


          Queensland Department of Education

          Junkie Media, amongst others

  • runs a private psychotherapy practice and facilitates frequent mindfulness retreats, courses and public talks. 

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Celest Twikler, Jewelery Designer

“My experience was simply amazing! I was going through a lot at the time and it gave me the tools to deal with day-to-day challenges that felt overwhelming. The teaching was patient, attentive to others, clear, understanding, open, non-judgmental, it really was outstanding. I felt so welcomed and comfortable to feel whatever I was feeling, good or bad. I have taken all the skills I have learnt because you showed me it can work. Thank You! "

Dipti McGowan, Phd Candidate

"The list of things I got from mindfulness training is too long. The key things were being kind to myself and the very practical learning of how to manage pain and difficult experiences /situations. I also liked learning some of the theory and background details. Gus you are very clear and knowledgeable and you have a very sincere and caring approach to running the course. Thank you!"

Mattie Barker, Musician

Thank you so much for this amazing course! Every moment I feel alive with gratitude for the vitality that each new breath gives me. To be fully present and experience each moment, without judgement, is to be fully alive. You have helped me to realize this AMAR. I feel ever so grateful for your teaching, and clear and interactive sessions that have allowed me so much understanding and growth. Thank you lastly and masses of gratitude for our course presenter.