& Coaching

Our Approach

Our approach to counselling and coaching is compassionate, comprehensive, mindful and strengths-based.


We provide a warm and safe therapeutic environment that facilitates insight, growth and positive change.

We see the best in you and help you grow inner strengths while at the same time address the root cause of what is holding you back.



OVERCOME anxiety, stress and emotional limitations and live with greater JOY, FULFILMENT and EMPOWERMENT. 



Develop KEY CAPACITIES to PERFORM at your BEST, OVERCOME your challenges and ACHIEVE your GOALS.


Have more PEACE in your mind,

PROSPERITY in your life,

develop SELF-MASTERY, 

and live your PURPOSE

Counselling can help you overcome challenging times, gain greater insight into yourself, heal emotional wounds, and make positive change in many areas of your life.

(Session of 60min)




  • Reduce anxiety and self doubt

  • Heal emotional pain from the past

  • Transform limiting beliefs

  • Gain insight into your challenges and overcome them

  • Have a more positive outlook on life

  • Live with greater ease, joy and peace


Performance Coaching can help you develop inner resources, resilience, emotional intelligence and self-mastery. It assists you in building a life of prosperity, achievement and fulfilment.

(Session of 60min)




  • Deal more skilfully with stressful situations

  • Develop focus and mental stamina

  • Learn to regulate draining emotions 

  • Improve problem solving skills

  • Have more energy and clarity

  • Relate more empathically and efficiently


Human Thriving Coaching is an innovative and in-depth process for transformation and self-actualisation.

The process is comprehensive and draws from a variety of fields including neuroscience, positive psychology, transpersonal psychology, mindfulness training, compassion interventions and ancient wisdom.

(Session of 60min)




  • Live on purpose and from your heart

  • Expand on natural qualities, creativity and authenticity

  • Heal past emotional wounds and negative patterns

  • Learn powerful tools for self-mastery

  • Cultivate mindfulness, compassion and gratitude

  • Experience greater joy and connection to nature and the universe

  • Connect with others and contribute to the greater good

Thrive Being Your Natural Self

The Inner Nature Process

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Mindfulness - Love - Self-awareness - Compassion - Virtues
Emotional Maturity - Self-mastery - Vitality - Playfulness & Creativity
Purpose - Connectedness - Sovereignity - Wholeness


Cultivate the Qualities of a Thriving Human