About Us

Gustavo Se Cestari - Founder

BPsych, PGDipPsych, AMAPS, Assoc Openground

Gustavo is the founder and director of AMAR Centre for Mindfulness and Human Thriving, an organisation devoted to mindfulness training and education, counselling and optimum human functioning. He works in private practice as well as provides mindfulness-based stress reduction services for businesses and the larger community in South East Queensland.


Gustavo has a Postgraduate Qualification in Psychology and Master’s level training in evidence-based therapy modalities and counselling skills. He is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society and an Associate of Openground Training and Consulting, a nation-wide training organisation that offers professional training in the well-researched Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 8-week program (MBSR) and other credible mindfulness programs.


He offers mindfulness training and MBSR courses on the Gold Coast and overseas, assisting individuals and professionals of diverse industries and backgrounds to better deal with the stresses from work and life, increase resilience, focus and productivity, and live a healthier and more balanced life. His counselling work is also heavily influenced by the field of Positive Psychology, which seeks to identify and expand on human strengths, maximise potential and performance, promote fulfilment in life, and establish healthy institutions. His relationship counselling sessions are informed by the work of leading researcher and relationship expert “John Gottman”, from the Gottman Institute.

His work with mindfulness meditation is based on both experiential and academic grounds; he has written a thesis paper titled “The Relationship between Meditation and Psychological Well-being” as well as received training in mindfulness-based interventions, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, the MBSR and the .b Mindfulness in Schools Program from Oxford. Gustavo’s meditation practice stretches over 15 years. He brings much warmth, an embodiment of mindfulness and passion for assisting others in cultivating mindfulness in their lives.


In the domain of his own life, Gustavo fully embraces living a meaningful, empowered, healthy and fulfilling life; living a life based on his values. Gustavo has a charismatic nature and a genuine interest in the wellbeing of his clients; qualities that paired with his education and expertise translate into respectful, sensitive and effective services.