May 4-6

Jun 15-17 

 Aug 24-26


Meditate in the mountains

Experience stillness and peace in the valley

Rest deeply and return to a sense of wholeness

Cultivate mindfulness, gratitude and unconditional love

Expand on your authenticity and creative potential

Reclaim your freedom

And Thrive Being your Natural Self!


A weekend immersion in the mountains exploring the wisdom of ancient traditions, the science of happiness and the art of thriving being your natural self!


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Join Gustavo as he takes you through a deep exploration of the human condition, the challenges to peace, and true pathways and practices that will have you thriving being your natural self.

What is the Retreat Based on?

The content, experiences and processes involved in the weekend are based on a wise process for human flourishing called Inherent Naturalness. Inherent Naturalness is an in-depth inquiry into the human condition and Natural Law and a wise synthesis of bodies of knowledge from:

  • The wisdom of yoga and other ancient traditions
  • The applied science of happiness
  • Mindful awareness, gratitude and compassion training
  • The embodiment of the human virtues in daily life
  • Neuroplasticity
  • The current paradigm shift in consciousness to a more humane, connected and peaceful collective existence
  • & the founder's own experiences since young in oneness, unconditional love and refinement in the being best human being he can be for all around him.

All of which will be explored in a relevant and down to earth way intertwined with silence, meditation, quiet time in nature and mindful yoga. It was developed by Gustavo Se Cestari and is based on well-established bodies of knowledge and wisdom. Yet is is synthesised, explored and applied in an unique way relevant to the challenges we are faced with individually and collectively in today's time.

Participants will immerse themselves into a journey through the 4 transformative domains of the Inherent Naturalness.


The Domains of Inherent Naturalness Process

These 4 domains entail self-inquiry, insight and processes aimed at facilitating deep healing of the psyche, refining of consciousness towards a connected, whole and rich experience of life, and living in a state of vitality, peace and empowerment, where your gifts are expanded on and shared with the world.


1. Healing the Psyche

Awareness, Compassion & Healing

An in-depth exploration of the human condition, the inner world of emotions, the dynamics of the mind, the roots of human struggle and processes to healing.

2. Enriching the Present Moment

Mindfulness, Gratitude & Love

“Cultivate states of mind that are known to give rise to authentic happiness, presence and a deep sense of connection”

An immersion in mindfulness awareness, the wisdom of dealing compassionately with struggles, the gifts of gratitude and the power of love.

3. Empowerment through Authenticity

Virtues, Naturalness & Freedom

“Know thyself, be thyself, free thyself and discover the joy and power of authenticity”

An exploration on identifying and expanding on your natural strengths, understanding the human virtues in action, tapping into natural sources of abundant energy and empowerment, and the importance and possibility of reclaiming your freedom.

4. Returning to Wholeness

Beingness, Interconnectedness & Purpose 

“There is an interconnectedness inherent to life taking place through all things right now, realign your consciousness with this interbeingness and return to a sense of wholeness and naturalness”

An immersion into ancient wisdom and the cultivation of a state of beingness in daily life, the realisation of the fundamental interconnectedness and oneness of all life, and its relation to true health, meaning and the call for humanity to wake up.

The Inherent Naturalness Process also sheds light into:


Societal Challenges to Individual and Collective Thriving

The retreat also explores how current societal norms and our upbringing affects our growth, thriving and happiness and what we can do in our minds and hearts to overcome these challenges and live in a connected, empowered and authentic way.

Meaningful Co-creation and the Rise of a Humane World

We are in interesting times, a time when we are called upon to reflect deeply on our ways of being and on how we might be unconsciously contributing to the perpetuation of an unwise and damaging world. A time also when we are being called upon to embrace our gifts and be of service and contribute to the shift to a more humane and beautiful collective existence! We will wrap up the retreat exploring the possibilities that it all entails and pathways for meaningful collective co-creations in our local community and beyond.


This is a transformative weekend of deep reflection and reconnecting to your inherent naturalness and wisdom and allowing that to be the driving force in your life.

Our meals will be a selection of delicious and nourishing vegetarian food prepared by Brazilian nutritionist and chef Fernanda Fittipaldi. 


Date, Location and Price

When: Friday august 4th - Sunday 6th 2017

Time: 6:30pm Friday till 4pm Sunday.

Location: ANANDA RAIFOREST SPA, Currumbin Valley

Accommodation: Different accommodation packages, including the Amazing Rainforest Cottage, the Architecture House, and Camping options.  Click book now down the page to secure your spot. 

Architect House Accommodation - From $650  

Rainforest Cottage Accommodation - From $690 

Camping  - $395

About the Facilitator:

This retreat is facilitated by Gustavo Se Cestari, a qualified and experienced mindfulness instructor, psychotherapist, yoga teacher and social activist. Gustavo is passionate about helping people to reclaim their freedom and wholeness and live a meaningful, connected, joyful and fulfilling life. He is the founder of AMAR Centre for Growth and Mindful Living, For the Love of Humanity Project, the Inherent Naturalness Process for Flourishing and Conscious Oneness Yoga.

In a nutshell he works in the field of Thriving, both at the individual and societal level. He offers a variety of courses, public talks, workshops, psychotherapeutic and coaching services and nature retreats.

His experience with meditation extends over 17 years and he brings much warmth, depth and passion to his teachings. He has degrees in Psychology and has written a thesis paper on mindfulness meditation. Gustavo is also is trained in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga in India (200hr) and in Guatemala (300hrs) and blends his expertise in mindfulness training with yoga to provide unique mindful yoga and meditation sessions emphasising present moment awareness and a deep sense of connectedness and wholeness. In his work with mindfulness, Gustavo once was guest mindfulness teacher in the Mindfulness Summit, an international online event involving 250,000 people worldwide.

In the Domain of his own life Gustavo fully embraces living a meaningful, connected, empowered, adventurous and fulfilling life; a life based on his values, immersed in yoga, meditation, kindness, community, nutritious food, oneness and nature.

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Enriching the Present Moment

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Retreat Program


18:00 Check in into the Mountain

18:30 Welcome Dinner

19:30 Opening Circle, Introduction & Intentions

21:00 Silence and Rest


6:00 Morning Bells

6:30 Mindfulness Meditation

7:00 Mindful Flow Yoga

8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Immersion 1 – Enriching the Present Moment (Mindfulness)

10:30 Tea Break

11:00 Immersion 2 - Enriching the Present Moment (Self-compassion & Gratitude)

12:30 Vegetarian Lunch

14:00 Immersion 3 – Healing the Psyche (Emotions, Beliefs, Perception and Mental filters)

15:30 Mindful Rainforest Walk

16:00 Tea Break

16:15 Immersion 4 - Healing the Psyche (Awareness, Compassion & Healing)

18:15 Break

19:00 Vegetarian Dinner

20:00 Fire and Open Sky Meditation and Ceremony

21:30 Silence and Rest


6:00 Morning Bells

6:30 Meditation

7:00 Mindful Flow Yoga

8:00 Garden Breakfast

9:00 Immersion 5 – Empowerment through Authenticity (Strengths, Clarity and Vitality)

10:30 Tea Break

11:00 Immersion 6 - Empowerment through Authenticity (Sovereignty and Reclaiming your Freedom)

12:30 Vegetarian Lunch

14:00 Immersion 7 – Returning to Wholeness (Interconnectedness, Meaning, community and the way forward)

16:00 Tea Break

16:15 Integration, Closing Ceremony and Celebration

17:00 End of Retreat

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