At times life unexpectedly present challenges to us that can throw even the most resourceful human being out of balance. At other times we know that the way we are dealing with events, other people, and our current circumstances is not the most helpful and constructive way and so we know there is something we can probably change in ourselves or in our approach to things that will make things less painful and make life better.

Counselling can help us to explore what we can do about the things that are distressing us and to identify and expand on our resources. It is also an opportunity to be genuine with your feelings and thoughts and to address things at their real depth and magnitude.

In his work with clients Gustavo uses an integrative approach to counselling drawing appropriately from a variety of therapeutic frameworks, depending on the nature of the problem and the client’s interest and personality. Over his 5.5 years of study in the field of Psychology Gustavo Se Cestari has received training in the following therapeutic modalities:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Mindfulness-based Interventions
  • Behavioural Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy

His work is also heavily influenced by the field of Positive Psychology, which is the science of positive emotions and strengths and virtues, that go beyond a mere amelioration of symptoms and facilitate the development of an optimal state of being.

If what you want is to get support in resolving a specific problem or cope with a particular pressing situation then counselling can be focused on improving or resolving that specific issue. Areas counselling can help include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship problems
  • work-related stress or conflicts
  • excessive worrying
  • low self-esteem,
  • lack of confidence
  • grief
  • study stress and
  • career dissatisfaction
  • cultural adaptation and language barriers
  • among others.

If you feel that the difficulties that you experience in life are related to you being less then who you truly are and want to explore and expand your inner resources and actualise your potential, than counselling can take the form of Strengths-based Psychotherapy or Life Coaching sessions.

“Counseling can help you deal with the difficult moments in life and find your inner resources to overcome them.”

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Strengh-Based Psychotherapy and Values-Based Living

These sessions are aimed at the actualisation of your potential. You don’t necessarily need to feel that there is something wrong with you or your life. Rather, it involves exploring the very essence of who you are, what you are capable of, and what you want to create in your life. It is about expanding on your strengths and growing as a conscious, capable, self-directed and empowered human being.

Areas explored in these sessions may include:

  • making choices that are congruent with your values
  • identifying and expanding on your character strengths
  • honing your ability to regulate your emotional state
  • finding your passion or meaning in life
  • being more authentic and spontaneous around others
  • unleashing creativity and the state of “flow”
  • developing confidence and a sense of empowerment
  • cultivating present-moment awareness
  • developing a more balanced mind
  • sustaining authentic happiness
  • developing compassion for self and others
  • creating deep and meaningful connections with others
  • re-connecting to the nature, among others…

A recurrent problem or difficulty can often be a sign that we haven’t been authentic to ourselves and instead have been living the life that others expect us to live; or that we haven’t been living up to our potential and taping into our power to resolve things. It can then become the leverage point to a more in-depth exploration of your strengths, virtues and true values, so that life becomes more joyful and fulfilling.


All the evidence that we have indicates that it is reasonable to assume that in practically every human being there is an active will toward health, an impulse towards growth, or towards the actualisation of the self.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Abraham Maslow

These sessions are based on this notion that we all have a tendency towards growth, towards actualizing our potential as human beings. It is based on the idea that we all have a certain level of innate wisdom; regardless of whether we are aware of it or not. The sessions are also influenced by the work of humanist psychologist Carl Rogers, who through his life’s work demonstrated that people thrive and make significant changes when taking part in a supportive human relationships of a certain nature (that is, when the therapist/person can truly embody what is known as unconditional positive regard, congruence (authenticity) and genuine empathy for the other).

Should you wish to embark on this journey towards the actualisation of your potential or on a collaborative, supportive and genuine relationship to resolve an issue in an empowering manner, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.  0430 434 417.



“Choose to LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE based on your OWN VALUES while exercising your NATURAL STRENGTHS. HONOUR who you are, BE KIND to others and yourself, and know that there is much power when you BELIEVE in yourself and decide to be fully AUTHENTIC in your engagement with life!”

Gustavo Se Cestari